Sunday, 12 September 2010

CD Cover Analysis 3: The White Stripes - Elephant

The White Stripes are a very interesting band to look at because of their completly different approach to all the thing to do with their band e.g their look, how they record their music and their band line up. They move away from stereotypes of this genre by using motifs for example they have a colour code of red, white and black which is present on all of their album and anytime they perform. On this album cover we have the two band members together sitting on an ampliflier. Jack White is holding a cricket bat with a light above his head whilst Meg White holding a handkerchief to her eyes and has a power cable leading away from her. Meg is wearing a long white dress whilst Jack is wearing a red and white cowboy outfit. On all the White Stripes album cover they try to create abstract images which have little or no meaning. The cricket bat that Jack is holding is part of a joke that this album is their 'English' album because it was recorded in the UK and has lyrices referencing to the queen. The white dress Meg is wearing may be a reference to her drumming style as she she has a very simple pure style of drumming and the handkerchief she is holding to her eyes may connote that she is cry and may be a reference to how people critcize her for her simple drumming style.

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  1. Sam, make sure you read what you've written before uploading it. There are some very basic spelling and grammar errors in this piece. "Jack White is holding a cricket..." (bat?). There is some good denotative analysis with some good connotative analysis - "The cricket bat that Jack is hold is part of a joke that this album is their 'English' album because it was recorded in the UK and has lyric referencing to the queen."

    There is a bit of waffle and unclear language in this entry. In your opening line you say they are completely different, what are you comparing them to? What do you mean by "...dressing stereotypical"?